Multipsk und LRPT...

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Multipsk und LRPT...

Beitragvon NAVAL » Sa 10. Okt 2020, 07:12

Hallo alle zusammen,

in Zukunft kann Multipsk auch LRPT Signale decodieren.

73 Josef

Hello to all,

For the possibility to demodulate LRPT pictures, I proposed this test version 1:

Paste this address in your Internet Explorer or equivalent. Download the file.
Extract the ZIP file and replace the “official” Multipsk.exe with this test version. Before, make a copy of the “official” Multipsk.exe, in case of. It is also proposed new help manuals (chm files).

LRPT demodulation

The LRPT ("Low Rate Picture Tranmission") mode associated with the Russian satellite METEOR-M2 is a digital mode allowing transmission of satellites pictures of Earth, in VHF (137.1 MHz), with a better resolution than the ones transmitted in the analog APT mode.

For Hams and SWL, the LRPT signal must be received on a SdR receiver (FunCube Dongle Pro+, RTL SDR or SDRplay) in interface with Multipsk. The signal will be directly demodulated by Multipsk. The file result of this demodulation will be transmitted to the M2_LRPT_Decoder.exe program which will make the decoding and will extract the pictures.

Multipsk can also interface a VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) which would carry IQ data at 196 kHz / 16 bits / stereo, from a SdR application (for example SDRUno) itself in reception of a SDR receiver.

This mode is in freeware, so without time limitation.

However the auxiliary function of playing/recording of WAV files in LRPT (at 192 kHz stereo) is only available for licencied copies.

Thanks for reports on this forum.

Click right over a LRPT button to get the LRPT manual.

Note: it seems difficult to monitor the METEOR-M2 satellite with a sufficient Signal to Noise ratio for demodulation, at least in the “radio pollution” of big cities (to confirm or deny).


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