EO79 / FUNcube-3 aktiv

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EO79 / FUNcube-3 aktiv

Beitragvon Spyke » Do 10. Nov 2016, 16:48

Funcube 3/ EO79
Ab jetzt regelmäßig aktiv...

AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NL working with ISIS BV are delighted to announce that the FUNcube U/V transponder, on the 2U CubeSat QB50p1, has now been activated with a regular schedule.

Due to power budget constraints the transponder cannot be operational 24/7 and an orbit specific schedule has been developed. The transponder will commence operation 27 minutes after the spacecraft enters sunlight and will stay on for a period of 25 minutes. This schedule may be modified over the forthcoming weeks as a result of experience.

The transponder frequencies are:

Uplink: 435.047-435.077 MHz LSB
Downlink: 145.935-145.965 MHz USB
And the output power is approximately 400mW.

Qb50p1 was launched in June 2014, as a collaborative effort led by the von Karman Institute and ISIS-BV, into a sun synchronous 620×600 km polar orbit as a precursor spacecraft for the QB50 mission. The primary function of the satellite was to test a number of the systems and science payloads. This phase has now been completed and we are grateful to VKI and ISIS BV for carrying this transponder into space and, again, to ISIS, for developing and uploading the new, required, flight code.

Quelle: http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=75968

Hier die aktuellen Keppler Daten..

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1 40025U 14033R   16315.50976782  .00000552  00000-0  65901-4 0  9999
2 40025  97.9191 220.8518 0011570 308.5060  51.5118 14.88205665129964
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Re: EO79 / FUNcube-3 aktiv

Beitragvon Maik » Do 10. Nov 2016, 19:26

Auf 145.815MHz sendet der EO-79 auch noch in Morse-Kode 15wpm und 1200bps BPSK AX.25.

Ach übrigens. Du mußt für die Bahnelemente die Funktion "Code anzeigen" hier im Forum nehmen. Weil sonst die Formatierung (Abstände zwischen den Werten) verändert wird und die danach unbrauchbar ist.
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